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Candra Ward

Leverage Your Genius Beyond Your Chair

This class is designed for the professional who has been struggling with tripling or even replacing their income, and creating more time freedom from behind their chair. You will learn  how to package, price & monetize your personal story, expertise & experiences so you can help others and walk in your purpose

Charles King

The Discipline's of Life


Damian Burris

Reintroduction to Money

Day 1 & 2

This class will afford you the opportunity to learn how to better manage your finances, give insight on how to make your business lucrative and stand alone as an entity.

Ewonna Locklear

Health is Wealth


Wealth has no significant at all if one is not healthy.. Discover the how to remove the blocks thats are holding you back from creating the life, health and happiness that is your Birthright!

Lee Oliver

Mine Your Business!!!

Monday Only

Have you found EVERY possible way to increase your cash flow and keep it moving?

If not, this class is designed for you. Mining your business is about not only hope to find the best income streams, but how to integrate them in a meaningful way to build wealth. So put on your mining hats because there's gold in those hills!!

Clyde "Chip" Foust

Google Me Day Party

 What is SEO?, SEO vs. Social Media and Is your website SEO ready?

Tre Trimz Davis

Leverage your Credit 

Learn some simple steps to restore your credit and gain your buying power back!!!

Wendell Lockhart

Pulse Power Breakfast


Destiny Cox

Beauty School Blueprint

Destiny, Founder of the Beauty School Blueprint, and learn the top 5 strategies to successful school ownership. School ownership is driven and strengthened by community relationships. In this class, Destiny shares her story of transition and the key factors to her success in building 2 beauty schools in the middle of a pandemic. Lastly, Destiny will help answer questions from school owners and inspiring school owners alike to help them move to the next level in beauty education.

Michael Cole

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Day 1

Business ownership is not for the mere mortal.  It is for the courageous entrepreneur, STRETCHING to build something special.  But it comes with risk.  Please join Michael Cole, a Financial Advisor and Co-Founder/Owner of the Daniel Island Barbershop, in an engaging discussion around business risk and how to mitigate it.


How to Build Financial Security

Day 2

It’s never too late, or too early, start building financial freedom for you and your family.   Please join Michael Cole, a Financial Advisor and Co-Founder/Owner of the Daniel Island Barbershop, as he discusses strategies to take control of your finances and start building generational wealth. 


Joy McLaughlin-Harris

Making Money in Your Sleep

Day 1

Making money in your sleep is all about living on the right side of the cash flow quadrant where your money works for you. I will discuss the power of residual income, passive income and power of having systems in place.

Level Up PPP Plan
Day 2

This class is designed to teach business owners how to prepare, position, and protect their business for next-level success. Trademarks, copyrights, systems, and more will be discussed in this class.

Pastor Major Jones

Daily Prayer Leader & Sunday Service

Sunday Service & Summit Spritual Leader


Chloe Roberson-Dixon

"Scientific approach to hair care..."


Corey Paul & Shamira Ray

Core Cutting

Day 1

Every great haircut  has a great foundation, learn how to create any haircut from these 3 core principles paired with your creative cutting finish to construct classic and trending looks

Color Conversion
Day 2
Color conversion :

Transform existing color combinations Into new masterpieces by using simple techniques that construct new and unique color creations.

Deirdre Clay

Unlocking the "Gray Zone"

Day 1 & 2

Covering Gray hair can be a mystery if you do not have the right keys.  This class will provide the keys to unlock proper Gray coverage, creating Grays, and minimizing Grays.

Monique Davis

Perfect Pixie Blondin

Day 1

You will learn toning, durability. longevity, and formulation strategies

Disconnect Pixie Cut


Learn how to distinguish face and cranial structure, section control, and how to molding natural hair

Tranita Benton

Color Connection on Commercial Hair

Day 1 & 2

How important is the color chart and D.E.P.T.H (Density, Elasticity, Porosity, Texture, Hair type) to your color application.


Freddie J. Jones

Conceive it...Construct It...Cut It

Day 1 & 2

Stop the guessing game it's time to build a system that personifies you. A simple systematic approach will help you to navigate to a perfect ending.

Joe Edwards

The Upside of COVID

Day 1

Cut, Color  and Style, techniques in these 3 elements that will impact the growth of your clientele and also your bottom line

Do you have a BRAND?!?  Or are you just a logo

Day 2

We will explore the differences to again help your business grow

Extension/Commercial Hair

Chelsea Henry

Beauty Beyond the Chair

Using Commercial Hair I will be showing you how I took my technique on bob cutting to another level. 

Im known for my bangin bobs so why not take it a step farther and teach it my way...

I want to show you how they can make just as much without doing too much...

Lashonda Hill

Flashy Weave in a Flash

Learn secrets to creating natural looking weaves in a fraction of the time using My RTP techniques paired with the best tools and products.

Muffen Moses

"The Weaving Process"

Commercial Hair

Nicole Hemmings

"Princess Pixie" short lace pixie

Two of the most trending salon services , Lace wig application , and the short waved pixie cut have Merged! Learn how to Transform full lace wig into a sassy tapered pin curl and waved short cut unit . Learn Flawless lace unit application and give your clients the cut without the commitment !


Marcus Alexander

More than just a Cut

Day 1 & 2

In this class you will be taught: Top Guest  Service Options, How to open up and seal the deal, Building a Brand around you 

Marketing and Management skills, Tips and Techniques, and Gorilla Marketing Technics. Lastly, how to walk by faith and not by site! 


Taper's & Textures w/ KokoDaBarber

Day 1 & 2

Taper's & Textures w/ KokoDaBarber will provide an in-depth look at the importance of recognizing and working with different textures when executing tapers and big chops. All over the country women are coming into salons and barbershops in dire need of change and are entrusting stylists and barbers to execute flawlessly. 


Kristy & Kevin Quattlebaum

Precise Direction

Hair Cutting, Makeup Application, and Inspiration

Are you headed in the right direction? Is your hair cutting precise? Are you paying attention to the details of your makeup? Are you careful about making decisions regarding your career in the beauty industry? It’s all so much to think about, but when you soak every detail in prayer, your direction will be PRECISE! This class focuses on hair cutting, applying makeup, and also inspiration to keep going, not giving up no matter what it looks like.

Montia Hines

So you want to know the ins and outs of being a professional lash artist?

During lashing with Montia Shardae you will leave this class with a complete understanding of the lash industry world! 

We will cover: Lash curls and diameters Lash mapping styles , Lash vendors, Lash marketing techniques, and so much more! We hope to see you in our class! 

Rashonda Burnside

Is Your Client Photoshoot Ready?

Objective: To improve your knowledge of the principles of photography makeup application, including corrective makeup. Classroom demonstration focuses on face shapes, skin tones, color theory, application, styles and trends

Takaya Maddox


What does that look like and how do you get there? Welcome to MAKEUP 2.0 MAX with Kandy Girl Cosmetics where you  will learn simple techniques you can use to increase  your knowledge and grow your pockets. This class is NOT just doing makeup , Makeup 2.0 will also cover strategies to WIN in the beauty industry, blue printing for building a successful clientele, starting a product line  , and MORE! This is not your ordinary makeup class , we will be giving lots of knowledge that is guaranteed to ELEVATE your career ! COME HUNGRY! 

Natural Textures

Cierra Chantel

Blueprint "the N3xt Level Silk Press "

This is not your average "Silk Press" class. Let me Elevate your silk press to the next level and give you the chemistry behind my Signature Mink press.

I will teach you my Signature Mink Techniques. How to customize treatments and products for your clients 

The chemistry behind the prevention of heat damage vs heat memory And give you the blueprint to make your Silk press stand out from the rest! 

Marsha Baldwin

It's the total look for me

Day 1

Student class/beginner's/ product knowledge class

Want to know the what, the why, the when, and the how?? This session will do just that. Become the Dr. Of Hair you have aspired to be. Bring your problems and concerns to get the prescriptions.

The T.E.A of Transitioning

Day 2

Sip on the TEA to transitional hair. In this educational forum you will learn Techniques on Textures Etiquette in Evaluations &Attention to Detailed Applications. Bring an empty cup to be poured into.!

Michael Pringle II

Knot N Natural (manipulating your curl)

Learn how to navigate through different hair types, how to properly manipulate/alter curls and textures of natural hair, techniques to executing and/or manipulating natural hair and then the final results of natural hair manipulation 

Ashley "Grip n Twist" Roberson

Snap it, Brand It, Book It

Day 1

Do you struggle with taking pictures and videos of your work? We will discuss the importance of taking quality pictures for your business along with different ways to brand yourself within doing so. Hands-on will take place. You will also receive marketing tips on elevating your services to match a demand in clientele that will result in increased revenue and a successful business. 

Fast Money = 2 hands and a Crochet Needle

Day 2

Do you have clients who are interested in a summer or vacation crochet protective style? Why send them to another stylist when you can pocket that service by learning my quick 45-minute crochet technique secrets. Yes, you can crochet in 45mins too! We will cover how to not only perform speed but to also achieve a realistic look with my illusion technique(s).


Jerome Allen Demonte

Stretch Your Fantasy

Fantasy building class! Are you ready to stretch your fantasy and avante a hair to the max? tThe first fundamentals of creating fantasy hair building . Learn securing tricks, light weight foundation , Shape forming and more . This class will showcase a live fantasy demo and give many tips on how to win a competition every time along with learning how to allow your mind to stretch. From Fantasy hair piece, makeup, wardrobe, and jewelry this class will give you a complete guide and quick tips on creating award winning fantasy hair styles. So again are you ready to stretch !!!!! See you there !!!!!!

Natasha Frimpong

Catch a Wave

Day 1 & 2

Learn why is D.E.P.T.H important when creating waves. The different Wave types and how to Create Vintage Wave Looks.


Dave Ray

Becoming A Trichologist In A Fast Way

Day 1

Being recently certified by Ecobio Medical Institute in Hannam University, Daejon, South Korea, I have
been exposed to many modalities and techniques in consultation and analysis which would better serve
the client and focus on specific regimens based on individual needs with hope of recovery being more
effectively attainable. Ask any question you may have that is unclear to you. My team and I are
committed to being transparent in our delivery.

Branding Your Bizniz in a New Way

Day 2
Now that life has changed, we have to find new ways to market our businesses in more creative
ways, than ever before. How to make more money, how to publish your book. Some well-kept secrets will be revealed in the session. Let's do it. This class is for EVERYONE!

Smiley West

So you want to be in the Hair Replacement Biz

Day 1 & 2

Look & Learn Hair Replacement on a man and a woman. Introduction to the business side of opening and running a successful Hair Loss center. Business- structuring the business, choosing a location, understanding your competitors, S.O.P.'s, getting your own product lines, Financial decisions-How to track the numbers, Client Profiles, Educating your Staff-Specialists, Marketing, Planning, Taxes and so much more.

other classes/hands-on classes/presentations

Nicole Hemmings

Hands-on Class  "Custom links"

Microlinked extension services are taking the  industry by storm ! There are a variety of methods that offer fullness or length without a braided base . In this class you will learn 3 methods of adding micro linked extensions .  Learn how to mix techniques to customize your  service so almost anyone can qualify. Offer this trending technique, that caters to clients of all  hair textures , lengths and density , to  double your income.

Tools Needed:


Tripod/table top stand 


Nylon Thread 


Clips ( Alligator clips ) 

Tail comb / parting comb

1 pack of wefted hair


Tre Trimz Davis

Hands-on Class "Man Weave"

Learn how to customize, cut, and install a man weave, Reduce your work load increase clientele retention and your income

Corey Paul & Shamira Ray

Hands-on "The Conversion of Cut and Color

Learn the process of converting cuts and color to change from one form to another, that will convert you into a six-figure professional. 

Tools Needed:

2 Cutting Combs



4 Applicator Brushes

2 Color Bowls

2 Towels



4 duckbill clips


Plastic Caps

Destiny Cox

Hands-on Waxing w/ certification

This course navigates the beauty professionals through the world of waxing. all beauty pros should take a look at this explosive trend that many are leaving money on the table. Destiny shows you how to add new express waxing services to your menu. This class will discuss pre and post regimens of hair removal, products and talk about the latest craze " brazilian waxing". Do not miss this power packed class, taught by a licensed professional and owner of RED WAX BAR & DCI ACADEMY School of Aesthetics.


Tools Needed:

Deirdre Clay

Hands-on The total experience, Unlocking the "Gray Zone" 

Day 1 & 2

Covering Gray hair can be a mystery if you do not have the right keys.  This class will provide the keys to unlock proper Gray coverage, creating Grays, and minimizing Grays.


Bonus: Mannequin is include


Tools Needed:

Color Brushes


Large tooth Combs

Rattail Combs



Spray Bottle

Dark towels



Micheline Barber & Chris Bond w/ Toitti Simmons & Enola Pillard

The Foundation for Future Professionals

How To Target Your Expertise then Brand it!

Jerome Allen Demonte

Cream & Green Gala

Let’s stretch the night away with Jerome Demonte!

David Torrey

Cream & Green Gala

Special Guest

Kimberly Davis/Cherhea Frazier/Toya Knowles

It’s More than just hair!

Mind, Body & Balance

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